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New Technology for Land Management

 Will in Woods

The American Forest Foundation (AFF) and the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) are always looking for tools to help forest landowners manage their woods.  Recently a new tool has become available called WoodsCamp".  Founded by Will Martin and Alastair Jarvis, WoodsCamp aims to revolutionize the way landowners access information for their land and connect to local services that will help them.

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Will Martin

Will Martin has 15 years of forestry experience working on family woodlots in Nova Scotia.  He is the Chairman of the Medway Community   Forest   Co-op and past President of the Nova Scotia  Woodlot Owners and Operators Association.







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AlastairAlastair JarvisAlastair Jarvis grew up playing in forests but has since spent most of his career making videogames.  After moving to Lunenburg, a house with a woodlot rekindled his love of the woods and set him on a new path.  Today he's committed to technology and business model innovation that benefits rural communities. 

Together these two young men are the cofounders of WoodsCamp.  They care deeply about the health of family forests and built their web tool to make sure landowners have the resources they need to make decisions that are right for them.  Their system automatically evaluates the best available forest data in the region to identify options for landowners based on the unique condition on each property and connects them to the right forestry professionals in their community.

WoodsCamp will find you opportunities that build wildlife habitat, grow the forest for the next generation, and understand potential financial benefits from any work done.  You can look up your property on WoodsCamp.com and get a free assessment of the best next steps for you.

The American Forest Foundation works on-the-ground with families, partners and selected officials to promote forest stewardship and protect America's forest heritage.  A commitment to the next generation unites their nationwide network of forest owners working to keep forests healthy and producing the clean water, wildlife habitat and sustainable wood supplies that all Americans count on from forest.  AFF has partnered with the WoodsCamp to make it available to landowners in the United States.

This partnership has initiated its first project in Alabama in partnership with the "My Alabama Woods" collaborative.  The partnership is made up of 14 different organizations, including not-for-profits, government agencies, and the private sector, with the common cause of helping ensure the healthy future of Alabama's forest.

The next step for AFF is to introduce WoodsCamp to the landowners in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is the number one papering making State in the U.S. and has the largest number of members in the American Tree Farm System than any other State.  Paul DeLong, Senior Vice President of Conservation at the American Forest Foundation and former Wisconsin State Forester had to say, "We at the American Forest Foundation are eager to introduce WoodsCamp company and its web-based landowner outreach tool to our partners in Wisconsin." "The results from the test we are currently conducting in Alabama shows us that WoodsCamp helps our on-the-ground partners reach more landowners more quickly that ever before, and at a lower cost."

"Based on those result, we are excited about the opportunity to work with WoodsCamp to help the Wisconsin DNR and UW-Extension engage and support family forest owners throughout that state, help the Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee grow its program statewide, and help our partners in the Driftless, and Lake Superior Basin landscapes reach and engage more landowners there," explained Delong.  "I look forward to sitting down with these partners in the coming weeks to explore the ways in which together we can build and test the WoodsCamp platform in Wisconsin," he added.

If you are interested in learning about WoodsCamp, Will Martin will be making a presentation at the 2018 Southeast Wisconsin Woodland Owners Winter Conference to be held on February3, 2018 at the Waukesha County Technical College in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

See attached for the Southeast Wisconsin Woodland 2018 Owners Winter Conference registration information"  SE_Conference_brochure_2018.pdf  

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