Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee
Thursday, 07 June 2018 11:47

Dessert & Coffee Reception

Pic 5The American Forest Foundation (AFF) and the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) recently had a complimentary reception to celebrate their current Wisconsin projects and provide landowners with an exclusive preview of new projects launching, including an exciting technology platform they are piloting in Wisconsin.

The reception was held on May 16th at the Mequon Nature Preserve near Mequon Wisconsin.  Caroline Keubler and Beth Riley of the American Forest Foundation spent part of an hour with a presentation discussing the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) Management Plan Addendum "MyLandPlan" which is an easy-to-use tool to help support  Certified Tree Farmers and Family Forest owners.  The tool is designed to help you understand the range of resources for consideration  in the managing of your woodlands.  This document is designed as a complement to your current management plan. 

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The second project is a new technology that AFF/ATFS is piloting is called WoodsCamp.  This is a technology platform that was built to help family forest owners get easily access relevant information about their land and discover the options that are right for them.  As an internet service, WoodsCamp offers free insights that help landowners discover the best next steps for achieving their goals in their forest. 

WoodsCamp gives you:

  • access to data about your land,
  • a simpler path forward,
  • connection to the right local services and professionals,
  • notified when things change and
  • a gateway to more tools, resources and support that will grow with you

The last topic discussed was "The Upper Midwest Assessment"  which is the current Tree Farm Assessment.


The AFF/ATFS plans to hold similar Receptions across Wisconsin throughout 2018.  These sessions will be announced on this website so stay tuned and watch for the announcements.







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