Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee
Friday, 21 August 2015 11:08

INSPECTOR'S NOTES #8 2015-2020 Standards - Update

The 2015-2020 Standards have been out for a few months now.  Along with the new Standards ATFS has produced a new Re-inspection 004 Form and a new Plan Addendum.  Because of the new Standards, ATFS has an "On-line Inspector Refresher" for all Tree Farm Inspectors that were Active Tree Farm Inspectors during 2013 & 2014. This Refresher has to completed before the Inspector can do a re-inspection with the 2015-2020 Standards. There are a couple modules to the session, but you don't have to complete all at one sitting.  Most inspectors have completed the refresher but there are a few that still have not.  There is still time.  If not done before the end of 2015, a classroom session will be required after January 2016.

So far this year, I have assigned 107 re-inspections, 17 of which are our 2015 Required Sample Re-inspections.  Of those assigned, 28 have been completed. Six where part of the Required Sample.  I want to thank those that volunteered to complete the re-inspections and especially those that have already completed theirs.  We are getting close to getting our State Tree Farms (non-MFL) back into the five year inspection rotation.

I also want to thank those of you that have completed your re-inspections following the 2015 Re-inspection Policy outline, putting your data directly into the ATFS database.  This save me a lot of time not having to re-enter all the Tree Farm re-inspection information myself. 

One thing I want to remind you, is to make sure you update the Tree Farm information and the Landowner information when filling in the re-inspection information directly into the database.  You can go to each section (Tree Farm & Landowner) off the first page of the re-inspection form.(see attached example)  There is "edit Tree Farm" after the Tree Farm number and "edit owner" after the landowner's name.  You click on these and it takes you directly to that section for updating.  It is important to have these sections updated with current information, if they are not already correct.  The more accurate information we have in the database the better we will do when an audit occurs.  Email addresses are important to include, if they have one.

All these forms can be found on the ATFS web site: www.atfsdatabase.org or www.treefarsystem.org.

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