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Saturday, 09 January 2016 13:54

Inspector's Notes #11 - Legal Description

As you all know, Legal Description is how we locate properties.  When you get a Tree Farm to inspect, it is the legal description you look for so you can locate it in a plat book and then on the ground.  Many of you have commented that complete legal descriptions do not show up on the 004 Inspection Form or on the Tree Farm report.  We have been working on how to correct this issue.  Part of the problem was how the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) has changed the format in the new 004 Form but the other part is how inspectors input, or in some cases don't input, the legal description correctly into the database.  In the future, if you follow the procedures below, this should be corrected.

When you are entering your information for an inspection that you are working on, the first page will look like Example 1 (see attached).  You will see, on the first line, "(Edit Tree Farm)" in blue.  When you click on this it  will take you to the page that looks like Example 2 (see attached).  Scroll down to the bottom to find "Manage Contacts of the Tree Farm".  Under that you should see the Tree Farm you are working on.  Highlight the little circle to the left of the Tree Farm name so a dot shows up in the circle.  Then click on "Next".  That should take you to the "Updating Record" page, Example 3 (see attached).  Again scroll to the bottom, highlight the circle and now click on "Update".  This will take you to Example 4 (see attached). 

This is where you fill in or correct the Tree Farm information.  There are two data boxes that say Location.  One is just "Location" which would be a written description of how to get to the Tree Farm.  The second location box, "Location (Legal)", is where you type in the full legal description with Township first, then Range, Section and all the individual sub quarters, lots etc.   Follow the format in Example 4 "Location (Legal".  What you type in this box will show up on the pre-populated 004 Form.  When the report for Tree Farm is run, that has all the Tree Farm information, it prints the "Location" first, followed by the "Location (Legal)" all in one column.

When you are done filling in, or updating, you click "OK" at the bottom.  That will take you back to the "Updating Record" screen.  Again, scroll to the bottom but this time click on "Next".  That should take you to a verification screen where you check to see if it is correct in the database.  If not go "Back" and fix it.  If it is OK, click on "Confirm" and on the next page click "OK".

You should be back to the first  page of the inspection form, Example 1.

You can also update landowner information the same way by clicking on the (Edit Owner)", in blue, after the Tree Farmer Name.

If these two are complete,  Tree Farm information and Owner information, you can continue on to the next page of the inspection data input.

Updating Tree Farm and Tree Farmer information can be done any time by going directly to the drop down on the left of the database home page and select "Search/Create Record" and go to "Tree Farm Properties" for the Tree Farm data or "Individual for the Owner information.



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