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Tree Farm Field Day 2020

Chuck Pogorelcnik - His Story

Hear how Chuck came to own his property, how he uses it, and how the Tree Farm program helps him.

Road System

Chuck saw early on that he would need  a robust and extensive road network to do everything he wanted on his property.  Hear how he went about creating and maintaining that network.

Forestry Work

Chuck actively manages nearly all the land he owns to maximize the benefits he gets from it.  Hear about the different forestry related activities he undertakes and how they help him achieve his goals.

Pollinator Plots

See how Chuck turned his log landing into some great habitat for pollinators.

Working with Neighbors

Chuck likes to help other landowners where he can, and especially his neighbors.  Chuck's collaborations with his neighbors are models that any woodland owner can follow.

Alder Shearing

Learn more about this technique for creating wildlife habitat and how Chuck got support to implement it across his property.

Silver Creek

Learn more about the creek that runs through Chuck's property and how he works around it and with it to achieve the goals he has for his property.

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